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Which format do you want for the 3rd Legacy Slot?

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Name: Carneyasadaa/ Benji
Relevant Social Media: Carneyasadaa#1185
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC 2022, VGC 2023
130/300, USPA 2023 finalist, EGL + LRL 2022 + OPL team participant, High Roller Draft League fixture, #1 Tom Hayden stan

I keep it real
Name: Jay is decent
Relevant Social Media: @JayVGC on twitter, Jay is decent#2082
Formats played: VGC 23, VGC 22, VGC 21
Bio- started playing in series 7 but have been grinding and would appreciate the chance to play on a higher level, senior player.

Playoffs in USPA(2-1 record)
Top 10 Series 12 ladder
Won the LDL team tour(9-1 record)
503rd in recent IC
Have top cut many other grassroots as well
Name: RKD
Relevant Social Media: @RKD_MH_TBH on Twitter and RKD_TBH#2517 on Discord
Formats played: Vgc 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 but also got knowledge and experience in older one
Bio: I have experience in draft leagues as a helper, player and also as a captain. Ended 11-1 in the second division of the Desafio latam vcl 2 and played in NPA this season. I like to build, scouting and help team mates and I'm always supportive with the group. Someone also says I'm not that bad at the game (but don't believe them)
Name: IkerDDS/Poxo
Relevant Social Media: IkerDDS#9888 ikerdds
Formats played: VGC22 and VCG23
Bio: I wanna keep playing altough i cant play irl tours this year

Accomplishments: Some online results and i've played some irl tours, only notable result is T32 in Milan's Special in VGC22 (s12)


VGCPL Champion
Name: Cypher
Relevant Social Media: Cypher#4999
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023
Bio: I like older formats.
Top 8 Hartford 2019 (Day 2)
Top 16 Orlando 2023 (Day 2)
Top 64 Charlotte 2023 (Day 2)
1st and 2nd with Team NJ for USPA 2023 and 2022
Took a game off Sempra while using Slither Wing
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VGCPL Champion
Blank Template:
Name: Sven
Relevant Social Media: discord: Twitter: SvenVGC, Discord: Sven#2413
Formats played (please state the actual format names):
vgc 2022,2023
NPA 12 Blizzards 3-2 record
VCL season 2 devision 1 MVP 10-2 record
2nd place at Power trick events 500$ invitational
VR Road to Columbus top 32
Smogon WL kingambits 5-1 record
Name: Chris
Relevant Social Media:
Twitter: @ChrisYingling2, Discord: Coach Chris#7494
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023
Bio: Main deal was top 8 in Milwaukee in 2022.
Name: sheik
Relevant Social Media: @xsheik0 on twitter
Formats played (please state the actual format names): vgc 2020, vgc 2021, vgc 2022, all of gen 9

Gen 9
Won the wide league Saturday night rumble #2 (111 people)
Top 4 NPA Pop up tour (35 people)
Top 4 NorCal 3/18/23 local (27 people)
Top 4 USPA 2023 on team NorCal
Helper for Celestic Stars in most recent NPA

Gen 8
Didn't play much except spikemuth and series 5.
Players Cup 2 I was top 20 in NA for the qualification round.
Name: 0liviasama
Relevant Social Media: @0liviasama or OliviaCMM#7262 on discord
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC 2017, VGC 2019 Ultra Series, VGC 2020, VGC 2022, VGC 2023 Series 1/Series 2/Reg C
Bio: I've been doing a lot more VGC this generation, my most comfortable format would be VGC 23 but I have enough knowledge for my other listed formats to help offer support. Recently went 6-3 at Charlotte regionals!
Name: Mogo
Relevant Social Media: Mogo#0420 (Discord), @MogoVGC (Twitter)
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020
Bio: Most comfortable in VGC 2023 as of recent, have found the most success in this format. The only regional I have been able to make it to this season was Charlotte where I placed 66th. I am planning on going to other regionals and NAIC to hopefully get some better placements. I also have a solid amount of success in draft leagues this gen, going 9-0 to win the chip undefeated, and I am currently 3-1 in a VGC draft Team Tour. Very available to mock for others as well, after my work day ends I tend to have a good amount of free time.
Name: ZekromZeke
Relevant Social Media: ZekromZeke on funny bird app & ZekromZeke#0731
Formats played: Played all of these but prefer 2018, Series 7/9/12, Regulation C
Bio: T16 San Diego 2023, Rose Tower Clash Champion 2021 (Series 9), T16 Rose Tower Opening Tour 2022 (Series 12), 64th NAIC 2022, 4-0 in 2018 draft league sets (peaked 10th on SD ladder back in the day too), Smogon WL I Champ with Zoruas, 11-1 in Smogon draft league sets

Edit: Sorry for ruining Gen 6 VGC for everyone.
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Name: scottyw01
Relevant social media . Scottyw0101 twitter, Scottyw01#8410 discord
Formats played (please state the actual format names): 17 - 23
Bio: good draft league player
Won smogon winter league with killowateralls.
6-3 Liverpool regional
part of team UK for wcop
Only gone negative once in a draft league.
lots of online grassroute cuts. Vr, rt and latam etc.
Rank 1 lots of times on cart and sd
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Name: mrmissouri25 or Carter
Relevant Social Media: @mrmissouri25, mrmissouri25#3679
Formats played (please state the actual format names):
Regulation C, VGC20-22. I played very little in SM era, but would love to go back and learn the formats.

My name is Carter, I’ve been playing VGC since 2018, but I didn’t play a lot until SwSh came out. I won Redeem the Trash (low power level draft league) season 4, and co-managed the Chicago Double Darms in the LRL Draft League, finishing top 4 in the league. I’ve been making VGC content for over 3 years for Littleroot Lessons, and am looking to expand my format knowledge and play patterns as much as I can.
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